Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello :)

My first post in 2011 ! haha. Im updating my dead blog because of BFF JIAN YAO :D haha Starting with pics when I was in Italy last year :)

met them ! :)

in the gondola ride :)

Venice ! <3

Gelato :)

bought Tokidoki pillow case :D

Moving on to Christmas day :)

Present from Babi :) haha

Christmas dinner

Next is holiday at Singapore :)

Last Friday, a formal dinner at IMU. My group got second place ! woot ! All the hard work for the whole week paid off :)

yan yee and yuen may :)

After the dinner, went to celebrate Eugene's birthday at Library :)

Yesterday, BBQ at Jason's house :D

i miss them :(

Friday, December 3, 2010

Melaka and Port Dickson Trip

Hello readers !

Went for a trip on Monday with 7 of my friends. :)

in the car.

the driver.

the noisy people at the back ;p

chicken rice ball at Melaka

at the dessert shop

pork satay ! <3

yummy pineapple tarts ! :D

all the iphones and itouchs in the car, there are more in the other car o.o

satay celok for dinner!

Drove to PD at night. Slept at Avillion for 2 nights :)

at the beach

playing futsal on the beach .

seafood for dinner !

the view from our hotel ;)

p/s thanks to Eric for being our wonderful tour guide :) !